Wedding Rates


I have recently decided to do away with any tiered packages or hourly rates. This has a very good reason behind it. Once I have agreed to do a wedding for a particular date I am not going to be doing anything else that day, even if it is only 4 hours of coverage. So toward that end I have decided to just do a flat rate for any wedding and cover the wedding from the time the wedding party starts getting ready until the reception is wrapping up. That way you know you will have me for your whole day and you can get on with planning the rest of the wedding. In this flat rate I do include a complimentary engagement session, and printing rights to all of your images in an on-line gallery that will be archived for 10 years. A second photographer can be added for an additional fee.

The all-inclusive rate is 2500.00  with a 500 deposit to hold your date.

Documentary Family Photography Session Info.


I have an all inclusive business model.  Just choose the length of session you would like and if you would like a box of  prints or a custom book as the final product. I include the book or prints with each session because digital technologies change so fast and who knows if in 20 years you will even be able to open your usb drive anymore.  There is also just something special about holding an amazing photo in your hands.  All of your digital images will be delivered in a gallery that is archived for 10 years.  From this gallery you can share online, make an app for your phone, and order additional prints.  Pretty much anything you would like to do with a photo you can do from this gallery.

2 hour storytelling session 500. Do you like those perfect family pictures - where everyone is dressed up in matching outfits, looking into the camera and smiling? If so I am probably not the right photographer for you. The way I work with families is by telling the story of who you are. I capture the little moments of connection, the essence of childhood, kids being kids - doing weird stuff and getting dirty.   I capture how it feels, not how it looks. Why? Because these pictures have an extraordinary ability to take you back and relive the moment. The pictures I take for you now will mean more to you year after year, making them the best possible investment to preserve your family memories. Your session can take place at your home, in the park or at the lake - you choose what your family loves the most. It's up to two hours, including 20 minutes devoted to directed environmental portraits. The rest is documentary, based on activities that we choose beforehand. These sessions usually yield between 20-30 beautiful images in my artisan edit.  You will have the option to purchase an extended gallery with nearly double the images at a significant discount. 

Day  In The Life
These tiny moments that no one cares to notice. We are too busy. We have bills to pay, homework to do and dinner to cook. Yet these moments are the essence of who we are and the footprints that we leave in our kids' memories.What seems so ordinary and even boring now will be the most special and meaningful memories once your kids grow up. Day In The Life is your ticket to go back and relive this particular day.You'll be amazed at how much love, hard work and appreciation goes into your everyday. This type of session is fully documentary, which means: I don't give any directions; and I work extremely hard to capture the right moments.

1/2 Day  A half day session lasts between 4-6 hours.  We can talk about the best time of day to capture your families routine. These sessions usually yield between 40-60 beautiful image in my artisan edit.  You will have the option to purchase an extended gallery with nearly double the images at a significant discount. 800.0

Full Day A full day session starts when your kids wake up and ends when you turn out the lights. I am typically there for a round 11-13 hours. These sessions usually yield between 80-100 beautiful image in my artisan edit.  You will have the option to purchase an extended gallery with nearly double the images at a significant discount. 1200.0



Portrait Rates: 

Portrait sessions start with a 125.0 session fee for my time and talent to capture and edit your photos.  Prints and digital files are sold a la carte.  A full price list is available on request.