5 Wedding Photography Styles

When picking a wedding photographer, it is important to consider what type of style you want for your photos. Below are 5 of the most popular wedding photography styles. 

1. Traditional

Traditional wedding photography styles often feature a modern take on the classic look of your grandparents wedding photographs. They are more formal and focus on style and grace. The style also captures the details, décor, and people most important to you. Your photographer can implement modern poses and you can provide a shot list. Photographers will adjust poses, attire, equipment, and the background to create the perfect shot. 

2. Documentary

This style is more informal and allows the photographer to capture scenes and events as they unfold as opposed to using formal poses. The photographer doesn’t work with a shot list and aims to capture natural moments and must be willing to blend in to the crowd. The style lets you see events that you missed during the wedding and captures raw emotions. Since the photographs aren’t planned, the style results in more dynamic and unique photographs. 

3. Artistic

A more modern, creative approach to wedding photographs is using an artistic style. The style allows couples to have fun and take an original approach to make their images are one of a kind. Photographs feature unique angles, compositions, and lighting. Artistic style photos are often planned and use extensive post production.

4. High-Fashion

This style focuses on clothing, attire, and fashion. It features striking poses and expressions, dramatic backgrounds, and formal shot lists. Studio lights are used to help create a glamorous look, and the style is reminiscent of photographs in high fashion magazines. 

5. Natural Light

Natural light wedding photographs use ambient light instead of artificial light. It creates a soft and glowing look and feel. It can be used in both black and white and color photographs and works especially well with outdoor backgrounds such as gardens and farms. Natural light photographs also produce a warm, approachable style which is great for more reserved and laid-back couples.